Diversifikasi dan Optimalisasi Produk Pertanian Menuju Organik di Desa Kotayasa Sumbang Banyumas

Tamad Tamad


Kotayasa village farmers not apply organic rice cultivation, utilization of forest ecosystems is not optimal and marketing of agricultural products is still limited. KKN-PPM Unsoed 2015 Kotayasa Village program aims to empower Kotayasa village farmers through rice cultivation organically, manage agroforestry (bee honey and medicinal plants) and improved marketing of agricultural products. The program is targeted to farmers in the Kotayasa. The methods used in the program is sosialization with the way door to door and through farmer associations, practices and mentoring programs. The strategy used is the empowerment of the target group with the approach of the PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal). The results showed that the organic rice demonstration plots an area 50 tiles  with a yield of 200-250 kg HDR (harvest dry rice) (equivalent to 3-3.5 tons HDR/Ha). Agroforestry enthusiastically followed by 31 peoples inside and 11 peoples socializing farmers practice by making 6 bee hives charged honeybees. Nurseries nutmeg, pepper, cloves and mangosteen enthusiastically attended by 26 teenagers and the PKK participate in the dissemination and propagation of planting 220 seedlings pepper creeping and 350 seedlings pepper shrubs. Bookkeeping and marketing of agricultural products improvements carried on farmers group Manggar Jaya as economic driver members.
Keywords: Agroforestry, organic fertilizer, organic rice, marketing, agrotourism

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