Perbaikan Hulu-Hilir Gula Kelapa untuk Meningkatan Pendapatan Penderes di Desa Kotayasa Sumbang Banyumas

Tamad Tamad


Kotayasa is one village coconut sugar producing in the district of Banyumas. The economic value of coconut sugar produced is still relatively low due to constraints of palm trees are not maintained, sap laru that is used is synthetic, energy wasful furnaces, refined single products such as log sugar and limited marketing. KKN PPM Unsoed 2015 Kotayasa Village program aims are  to increase the economic value of coconut sugar through organic coconut tree maintenance, utilization natural laru, energy efficient furnace repair, crystal sugar product and marketing improve. The program is targeted to palm tappers in the Kotayasa village. The methods used in the program is sosialization with the way door to door and through association tappers, practices and mentoring programs. The results of the program are tappers able to maintain  coconut palm tree using bokashi and compost and the ward of pathogens with botanical pesticides that are all made themselves. Introduced a natural nap laru, besides healthy also improve the quality of sugar. Improved conventional furnace with energy efficient  and hygiene furnace that can speed up the ripening sap about an hour. Sap made coconut  sugar crystals that cost Rp 2000-3000 relatively more expensive per kilo. Manggar Jaya tappers group was formed to manage the production, infrastructure and marketing of coconut sugar Kotayasa village.
Keywords: organic fertilizer, botanical pesticide, natural laru, crystal coconut sugar, energy efficient furnace

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