Nurtjahjo D Sasongko


Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L) DC) has long time been cultivated in Indonesiautilized mainly asvegetable thus less favour than other grain crops to make low productivity of 0,7-tonnes only. Increasing in production might be reached by utilizating in various ways, for example: its monounsaturated fatty acids  content to reduce coronary vascular blockageby reducing cholesterol level. So far, there is no scientific report on winged beans breeding efforts.  Selections, if any, are most likely done by utilizing the whole seeds not half one as in the current study, initiates half seed analysis and gas chromatography (GC). Samplings were done in Sumatera, Java, Bali and NTB. The Sumateran pods, are both long types (27 over 20,5  cm). Java either long or short types ( 27 cm length and 10.3 cm). The long pod type has total 8-22 seeds but only 6-8 seeds for short type. The Sumateran seeds had germination rate of 90-100% but other seed’s showed lower rate of germination. Seeds then germinated in a dark room in a multitray pots filled with smooth sands sequentially. Single cotyledone or half seed was dissected from germinated-seedsfor its fatty acid analysis using gas chromatography and another single cotyledone was planted. The gas chromatography is completed with a silica capillary column DB-23, 0.25 x 30 m x 0.25 film thickness of (7%-W Scientific) Agilant Technology USA.The nitrogen ultra high pressure gas was chosen as delivering gas material. Temperatures were set up as: oven, detector,and injection  90oC, 250oC, and 260oC consecutively and split to 1:50 at 100 kPa. Most of the seeds collection containe oleic acid (C 18:1) content 8-20%, except for B1, 2 and NTB 5 36.15% and 33.50% cosecutively. This study noted that most cotyledoneae have putative genes of oleic acid as recessive alleles (oooo), and dominant allele of (O) in few individuals only, but different from previous report with oOOO alleles, but allele for palmitic acid was dominant (P) to allow pPPP=46% of the total fatty acids. Total mono unsaturated fatty acids content (MUFA) and (PUFA)varied from 59-65% and 18-30% which fit to lowering cholesterol content and in keeping lear blood’s circulation due to Omega 6(C18:2) and Omega 9 (C18:3). Plant mass-selection might be done by applying half seedanalysis. Winged bean contains more palmitic acid than oleic except for 2 individuals which show high content of oleic acid but has high MUFA and PUFA.
Keywords :  mass selection, half seed chromatography, MUFA, PUFA

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