Agus Suroso, Mafudi Mafudi, Amber Lumbantoruan, Ascaryan Rafinda


The main aims of this research are to examine the effect of digital marketing on village owned enterprise in Banyumas. This enterprise has much potential for becoming a revenue generator. Unfortunately, the human factor is the main problem in this issue. An unskilled employee in the village is the main problem, why they cannot generate more revenue from their resources. This research examines three village-owned enterprise in Sumbang, Banyumas. Participation action research methodology was used to give the treatment on the enterprise. Pre and post-test analyze used to test whether the digital marketing affects the enterprise. Difference T-test was used to examine the revenue pre-digital marketing and post digital marketing. Three months before and after the treatment was analyzed. The result shows that there is a significant difference between pre and post-treatment in revenue. The implication of this research shows that digital marketing has a significant effect on village-owned Enterprise Revenue. Then digital marketing suggested being used by the village enterprise to improve their revenue.

Keyword: Digital Marketing, Village-Owned Enterprise, Revenue Improvement, Village Enterprise.

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